Hey everyone!

Due to the revamp and insane amount of new players joining and coming back, we are in need of more staff. We are looking for mature players who are interesting in helping Block Legends grow and expand. People who really want to make a difference for the better of the community. We do however have some strict guidelines and requirements to those of you interested.

We will be reviewing and accepting old staff that either resigned due to personal reasons or were demoted for inactivity. People who were demoted or resigned multiple times will not get staff back. Old staff that were demoted for abuse, too many strikes, or caused issues for us will not get a chance at staff again.

Things to be aware of before applying…

To become mod+, you are not allowed to be staff on another server
If helpers+ wrongfully punish too many players they will be fully demoted
If mods+ wrongfully punish too many players they will be demoted to helper
If we see any abuse whatsoever towards players you will be demoted
If you are inactive you will be demoted

Skype (voice not required)
Join our Teamspeak 3 server (voice may be required)
Active on our forums: “member or above”
Active in-game
No punishments in the past 30 days
You cannot have an open staff application on another server
Extensive knowledge about our servers (so if someone were to ask a question you would be able to answer it on the spot)
Ability to identify and correctly punish rule breakers
Using proper grammar and spelling (no one is perfect, please try your best to be proper)
Ability to work well as a team and be professional when it is necessary

You may ask yourself; “Why was my staff app denied?” “What can I do to better my chances of my staff app being accepted?” Below are a few things that will cause your staff application to be instantly denied.

Common Denial Reasons:
Asking a staff member to read your application
Advertising your staff application to friends, on the forums, in-game, ect