CarbonCraft is a very unique and custom server; it's one of a kind. We have many custom plugins and most of our mini games have been coded by our skilled developer and staff. Our factions server includes Parkour, Custom Enchants, mcMMO, Votes & Voting Rewards, and economy. But we also have a new mini game system within the factions server where you can join mini games using a command within factions and earn rewards for the factions server by winning those mini games. For example, to join Spleef you do /spleef join on the factions server. For winning a game of Spleef, you get $500 in game that you can spend on the factions shop. The mini games we currently have or are being worked on are Paintball, Spleef, and SurvivalGames, with more coming soon.

Our Prison server is still being worked on, but it is going to be OP Prison with many unique features including a custom map built by our builders. The Prison server is scheduled to be up soon, so keep your eyes open!

CarbonCraft is also possibly going to add Skyblock and some other mini games/gamemodes. If you would like to suggest any possible new gamemodes or mini games feel free to do so, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

CarbonCraft also has a friendly staff team and community that is sure to make you want to stay. Our staff team is currently growing; open positions include Moderator, Developer, Graphics Designer, Builder, and Youtuber (Minimum of 50 subscribers). Think you got what it takes? Apply on our website,