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About: The Venger Craft Network is a Hub Network. Venger Craft includes many fun activities for users to enjoy! Great staff and great gamemodes With custom plugins! The Venger Craft Network has 6 servers including Hub, Factions, Minigames, KitPvP, OP PRISON, and Grand theft auto What you can expect: Factions: Create a faction which is much like a team! Add people or go out alone! Go out and claim land to build your base! Once your faction power exeeds the power of rival/enemy factions you can claim their land and raid them! Using the wonderful Factions plugin we can acheive such a great survival gamemode! Kit PvP: Using kits you can battle it out to the death with other players and receive money for killing and later buy a new killing weapon if you so desire! Minigames: Play some well known minigames as well as some custom ones such as Magic Touch! Which is a game much like "Tag" but with a special twist! Our Minigames include, Quake, Spleef, Parkour, Survival Games, Paintball, Survival Games, Parkour, Guns PVP, and Build My Thing.