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Hey guys, Its Tahzir here and I would like to say that we are offically in Alpha release this means that our server TahzirMC is offically online! We will hopefully be hitting beta by august, since you dont all know me a bit let me introduce myself.. My name is Tahzir but please call me Tahzir! My goal was to make a classic minecraft server like I remember I used to play on when I was a kid but I want to twist it up a bit. I want to add all the new features of the game into the server plus a bunch of new ideas! Like Custom gamemodes and maybe even a Hub Minigame server.. My goal has always been to bring joy to all of our community and with that I am going to need alot of help to achieve some of these goals! This is why I am offically opening staff applications for Builders / Developers / Moderators and many more positions.. (Apply On our website in the staff application thread under the forums) I want to bring in the best of the best from around the world no matter race, religon or political opinions so we can make one of the best and most friendly Survival servers in the world!